Welcome Klik hier voor NL versie One hobby, one passion...YAMAHA TYROS!!!  On this website you will find additional information about my musical activities. I will also make my Tyros 3/4/5 registrations of my YouTube uploads available for download here (these can be found under the menu YouTube on the left side of this page). Contact Links
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CD Tyros training YouTube Tyros 5 Book performance Latest news: Tyros 1, 2 en 5 stylesets added   Original stylesets from the Tyros 1, 2 and 5 are now also available for download. See the menu Tyros 5 => Styles. MAY 16 Latest news: Tyros 5 software updates   Some links were outdated and referring to old software and firmware versions. Everything is updated to the newest versions. APRIL 20 Home