Music Finder library update  Every style on the Tyros 5 has four so called OTS registrations (for each style variation one registration). With these standard styles and registrations, a lot of existing songs can be played.  What is the Music Finder? The Music Finder ables you to build up a library of songs, where each song points to a specific style(variation) with its OTS registration that suits the song.  Yamaha has made an update available of this Music Finder library. With this update, you can have more fun calling the right registration for a specific known song. This library contains original songtitles in stead of cryptic alternative names.       Installation instructions:  	1.	Download the Music Finder update (Tyros5.mfd) 	2.	Copy the file to the USB stick 	3.	Connect the USB stick to the Tyros 5 	4.	Click on FUNCTION -> [UTILITY] -> [SYSTEMRESET] -> [MUSIC FINDER FILES] 	5.	Go to the USB stick/tab 	6.	Choose [REPLACE]  to replace the whole Music Finder library Music Finder
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